some money. It is only another case of persistent effort -
combined with sobriety and good common sense. It does not
require intellectual ability to make money and keep it, but
some self denial and untiring application. All these lessons
that man meets in his daily life helps to stimulate and encourage man's fleeting energies. I see mainly that a want of this stimulus is a want of my nature and I have not taken the care
to have it supplied artificially. On board this vessel, on
every hand, examples are in plenty, showing that opportunity combined with common sense and industry have led to easy circumstances and even opulence.

          A gentleman in the saloon by the name of Mr. Graine carne
to this country 17 years ago without money. The first 5 months
he worked in a bakery in Marblehead but did not like it and
tried something else, and from one thing to another saving a dollar where he could, until he married a girl who had some
experience in store business and they shortly and opened a store paying $175.00 a year rent for store and tenement overhead. This was in Lynn Massachusetts, and the store was
a notion store to which he kept constantly adding dry goods
until he had quite a business. The owner of the building pulled down the old store for him and put up a new one for which he
is now paying $1165.00 rent and is worth more than $50,000.00.

          Now in that man's face can be seen the elements of character that led to his success. The first thing is a rather slow and disgruntful nature combined with a certain quickness and push
that puts his thoughts into action. The thing is plain with
no secret.

          Only one bark been sighted today. No porpoises, whales
or sharks have been seen. Occasionally we see a piece of lumber floating on the water showing that some vessel has been in our path not long ahead of us.

Thursday June 30, 1887

          Was early on deck and walked a good deal before breakfast and am feeling fully up to the standard of yesterday. This
cool sea breeze is just invigorating, and nearly every person
has the same good news of feeling well. It seems so much better to hear the cheery words of health than the doleful tone of
the invalid. Some of those who could hardly move about at first have now become quite lively.


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