carpenter by trade, and single, he is on his way to his native hearth to gaze upon the scenes of his childhood, which is a
rare thing in a Scotchman. The Irish people have the love of country strong while the Scotchman is said to be like a fart
- never returns. However much truth this old saying conveys,
one thing is beyond dispute, they always care more for the present than the past. Mr. A. Bone, for such is the young mans name, is certainly keen and honest as the world goes and in times may be heard from in his line of business. However, of being of rather or clanish nature his success would be in mingling with people of his own nation.

          A countryman of his across the table named Hursley is a man of strong stirring qualities; a man of action rather than words. He is of a large, raw, boney Scotch, nature made for hard work and hard knocks, and if what I heard of him is so,
he has accumulated $100,000.00 by means of his sturdy frame
and sound common sense. He is a slate roof man in business
in Boston. If his intellect is in keeping with the size and nature of his .frame he must be a giant in more directions than one.

But enough.

          Did not retire as early as I should have done late evening but was up betimes this morning and found it cool without much sunshine. It is one of those bracing days that makes a man feel full of life and vim and stir. Physically I have not felt so in a year, and if it was not from constant over-eating and eating food not suited for me, I would be in prime condition. Our food is all of the heartiest and I face the loss of my milk more than anything else. We have what is to be milk on the table but it tastes like skim milk, three quarters water. I do not relish it.

          This day has been so bracing that I have been on deck and excersing most of the time. The upper deck which is usually
the pleasantist is today too breezy, and I prefer the lower one. Our old Irish gentleman from Boston by name Dowd gave
me a very nice description of the fish
- smoking business he pursues. From his appearances you would not expect much, being only a common Irishman but by favorable chances and/or little shrewdness he has established quite a business, and accumulated


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