specially gotten up for use on the Cunnard boats and in the prayers the president of the United states is prayed for in conjunction with the Queen. Bibles are also provided and a
few hymns set to music are there, but on this occasion there being no one present who volunteered to sing, it was dispensed with.

          Our friend the typical Englishman has finally made himself agreeable to a few ladies, and he is spending most of his time reading to them, and in general conversation, occasionally making a sally away from them, to stretch himself, and to let people
see that he is normal "you know".

 { We have on board two young men going to Europe on a bicycle tour. They are intermediates. One named White has just graduated from Brown University this month the other is named Lathrop. White is one of those young men just from college
who thinks he knows it all, but having no practical knowledge of the world is sure to run his head against snags hard enough
to knock out a few of his supercilious airs and allow a grain of common sense to enter. Like a majority of such men he has laid out a plan with such unnerving precision his manner of procedure, mode of living, and has everything laid down with mathematical certainty, that it will be a blow to him to find out
"that there is nothing certain in this uncertain world".
He may recover himself after a few setbacks but it is doubtful as he seems to be made of that timber that breaks without bending.

          This is the first day that I have seen a porpoise or a whale since leaving Boston. Some of the other passengers saw occasionally one yesterday but it was not my luck. A number of porpoises have been near enough to 'see them roll and toss over and over as if at play. Generally when you see one you may look for several as they have a habit of going in shoals. The whales were not large ones nor did I see them spout water It is now 3~ p.m. foggy and sunshiny. A little before 5 p.m. the first vessel since leaving Boston came near enough for me to see plainly. I seemed to me to be a large Bark.

Monday June 27, 1887

          Arose this morning earlier than anytime since coming on
- soon after 5 o'clock. Went on deck and walked a good
deal,. but being so rainy I could not remain so long as I wished.


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