white duck looking as cool as a cucumber. The most amusing incident so far on the voyage to me, was this Jones trying to interview the Rev. Drum. The minister evidently took no stock in him, for every topic advanced by Jones was met by the minister in monosyllables, without even raising his eyes to see who addressed him. After several-fruitless attempts Jones left
with a mixed expression of contempt and disgust on his face.

  One very pleasing feature on shipboard is the singing and music among the steerage passengers. Since being on board we have had some good accordion playing and also some good songs. The songs would do credit to the singer in a more appreciative audience. What could sound pleasanter upon the weird wild ocean in the twilight of evening than the sweet strains of some instrument or the plaintiff notes of some strong man's voice.
The loneliness of the situation, and the sweet strains of music have such a grandeur and nobleness about them that it seems
like an enchanted situation. The wildness and fine sunshine of this day together with just enough wind to be bracing makes
me have the desire that the passage would last a month

Sunday June 26, 1887

          I did not retire until  9 o'clock last evening, so not being so long abed my back is not so stiff this morning. At the breakfast table this morning all the intermediates put in an appearance and everyone seemed to vie with the other in doing justice with. the vittles. I have not been hungry yet since being on board but I am ready for every meal and the food tastes good to me.

          Old Boring is as smooth as a mill pond this morning with scarcely a ripple to mar it's fair bosom. There is not a single wave turning up enough white showing to change the deep bluish green color of the water only as the ship by it's luffing and turning runs against the swelling tide. The fog is however exceedingly thick and the old foghorn is all the time sounding out it's deafening whistle. In walking on the deck this morning a person becomes quite wet from the condensing of the fog and
at times quite a little shower of drops come. About half past
10 a.m. notice was given that religious services would be given in the saloon dining room and going down quite a good many were present. The Episcopal form of service was said by the Rev. Drum but neither singing nor sermon. The prayer books are


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