myself through the whole day. Games of checkers, cards and dominoes were being held all around on the deck. The weather may be considered fair for the t~me of year, although of course cool.

Saturday September 17,1887

Awoke this morning to find it so foggy that you could hardly
see the length of the ship, which continued all day. It seemed so gloomy that nearly every person seemed downhearted. One steamer in the morning came quite near. In the evening we had
a concert in the dining hall which (was) exceedingly good, and we all turned in for the night in good heart.

Sunday September 17, 1887

Through the night a fearful storm rage, which began to abate before morning. But during the day the ship pitched and rolled terribly. Only few put in appearance at table. This was a
much more severe storm than the last. The trunks and tables were all lashed down and every precaution taken.

          During the night Jew and Gentile were on their knees together, each beseeching the same God to help them. Few things are more touching than a scene of that character. The storm abated about daybreak, but the turbulent state of the water following in the wake of the storm continued through the day.

Monday September 19, 1887

          The night being quiet and the morning bright every person seems to have entered a new country. Faces are cheerful and
eyes bright and filled with hope. The transformation from yesterday seems hardy possible. It goes to show, however, the effect of hope on the human ,mind. Everything continued in the same hopeful vein until evening when we all joined in singing hymns on deck. The Captain and officers joining in with us,
each going his way to lead, to dream of the happy times in store for him.

Tuesday September 20,1887

        We were all awake this morning and on deck unusually early. The morning is bright, but of that sickly kind where there is something in store and sure enough by nine o'clock we had quite a thunderstorm. During the night a child of a year old died
in the steerage, and at half past eleven a.m. the funeral took place and the body was consigned to the deck. The English services being read by the purser. Everyone was on deck to
see the ceremony and really it was sad.



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