Saturday 1887

          Did not sleep much on account of fleas and was glad when morning came. Went to the steamer before 9:00 o'clock but did not sail until 2:30 p.m. The sea seems rough and cheerless with head wind.

Sunday September 11, 1887

          Did not arrive in Queenstown until the afternoon and did not leave there until after 6:00 p.m.. Purchased some apples and a Tam O Shanter cap.

Monday September 12, 1887

          The passengers have been nearly all sick and not many to meals today. The sea is rough and things do not look very inviting on deck.

Tuesday September 13,1887

          It is somewhat pleasanter today and the appearance at the table is a few more cheerful. The deck is pretty well filled. and music and singing is a pastime at night. There was a fiddle brought and we had dancing on the upper deck.

Wednesday September 14, 1887

          Everything has changed since yesterday. A severe storm
has come on through the night and the waves are rolling mountains high and the ship is tossing and pitching like a buffet in the arms of Mother Nature. The sight although dangerous is grand
and I might say sublime. No person can imagine what a storm
at sea is until he has seen one.

Thursday September 15, 1887

          It is somewhat milder today, the storm leaving, abated through the night and in the afternoon the decks once again began to be peopled so that by evening we were enlivened by some sentimental songs.

friday September 16, 1881

I awoke and went on deck early this morning, and enjoyed



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