and took the "Witch" to Douglas, arriving there at 2:45 p.m..
By aid of a wagonette I arrived at father's in less than 3/4
of an hour from landing. Found them as well as could be
expected. Father was so full of emotion, he could hardly contain himself.

          Visited mother's grave and from the headstone gave her age as 60 instead of 61.

Visited uncle Ned who lived near by

Tuesday July 5 1887

          Arose early and went to St. Johns to Lynwald court with father and saw as in days gone past, the processing of the legal making body of the island accompanied by the clergy and bishop. Went from there to the old place and on to K.K. Patrick. Saw
Mr. John Knight and became acquainted with the school master then whose name is M. A. Collister. Was invited to call again and was well pleased with him. Went to Peel, visited Peel castle, new church and walked the streets seeing what changes
had taken place. Started for home and arrived in good season and went to bed early.

Wednesday July 6, 1881

           Arose early and with father took train from Muin Mills
to Colby and walked from there to see Mrs Thomas Meone of Ballagawne who used to be a particular friend of my mother. Probably my mother was not so intimate with any woman alive.
She seems like a very nice good natured person, and she gave
us a hearty welcome. I have some slight recollections of her coming to our house once, and by my mother's suggestions, cut
my hair, but it is very indistinct. We left there after dinner and went to Peel-St. Mary, a very nice and improving fishing village, which seems more like an American village than any
I have seen. There seems to be a bustle and stir there, more than any village that I have seen, and also some very nice buildings going up. The houses are them many of them old  fashioned but the new ones are nice and modern. I was also
  in K.K. Christ Rushen churchyard near here and saw some very old headstone, some of them dating to 1740 and upwards. We reached Port Erin a little from three o'clock and after walking around awhile took the cars for home. Port Erin has a few very



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