Mr. Lace writes of various landmarks throughout his voyages The following notes will be helpful in pinpointing these locations.

Queenstown (page 6)was originally known as Cove of Cork. After a visit by Queen Victoria in 1849, the name was changed to Queenstown and remained so until 1922 when it was changed to Cobh, which it is today. Atlas locations are 5151N 820Wo

Fastnet Rock (page 11)is a rocky islet in the Atlantic Ocean 4 miles SW of Cape Clear, off S Ireland, 5122N, go35W; lighthouse

Holy-head (page 12)is an island 8 miles long by 3~ miles wide
in NE st. George's channel, off the west coast of the island
of Anglesey, NW Wales in Anglesey county; connected to Anglesey by a causeway, mostly barren rock.

OlneyvilleSwamp (page 1)a section of western Providence, RI which was encountered enroute to the train stationo

Ipse dixiit (page 5

Balto (page 5



Taliyrand era.

page 5)a distinguished French Family in Napoleans

Old Boring (page 3)John's personal nickname for the ocean.

Bark (page 4)a three masted ship with fore mast and main mast square rigged.